Thursday, 28 June 2012

'Jade sea with headland'
The sea was looking particularly lovely during a boat trip to check on our prawn pots. Jade green patches changing to a violet-blue in the distance.
Well worth the effort - the inspiration for a painting and a good haul for dinner too!
Acrylic and mixed media on board
Actual image size 125 x 125 mm. (approx.5 x 5 '')
Framed size 287 x 287 mm. (approx.11 1/4 x 11 1/4 '')


  1. I liked this picture very much when I saw it on your blog, I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me everytime I pass it now, and see it hanging on my wall. It sets of the room beautifully and reminds me of the wonderful holiday I had up there this year.

    1. Hi Nikki, Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.I'm really pleased that you you are enjoying the picture and especially if it is a reminder of good times you had in this lovely area.
      Hope you visit again soon.
      All the best, Lyn